Friday, August 23, 2013

My message to Dad - get well soon

I made this before I went to school and sent it to dad.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Journey under the sea - cyoa 2

This is a choose Your Own Adventure book.
In the adventure I just read, i found Atlantis from a hole that my ship,the Seekers laser canon made.Then I settled there because they stopped me from going up to the surface.  i had a calm life under the sea.

I like CYOA because you get to choose the next bit in the story.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

We saw Dad

We saw dad. We are going to play games like checkers and Uno with him.

He was better than usual.

His puppy blue eyes were shining.

He looked happy to see us.

Mum took this photo.

End of naked egg experiment

We got our eggs out today.

There was no shells.

They were see through when we held them up to the sun.

We busted them on the grass. Murphy got some on his nose.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Science learning thus week - see through eggs

In science this week, we are doing an experiment.

Its about see through eggs. How awesome! 

 did you know all you need to have is 2 days, 2 plastic containers, an egg,vinegar, a fridge and patience  .. We have all those!!

1.put the egg in the container and cover it in vinegar 

2. Put the lid on and put it in the fridge

3. Wait for one day and get the egg out put it in the other container and do the same the next day you have see through eggs :) :0   

The reason it becomes see through is because the acid in the vinegar dissolves the egg shell enough that its see through.

There are bubbles at the moment . They are carbon dioxide. We have been learning about different gases with mum.

The egg shells are made of calcium carbonate and the vinegar breaks it down. The vinegar will permeate the shell. That means some of it sneaks into the shell. 

I cant wait to see the egg naked and the yoke slopping round inside the  membrane.

Here is a picture of me starting it off. 

I've lost five teeth!

In the last three months I have lost five of my teeth.

Tonight, is the fifth one. Its a big molar.

The touth fairy will cume tonight. I hope!!! The spanish tooth fairy was not up to scratch because she didnt get my tooth. She left it there.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Life in Gympie

We have been here for four weeks. Its good.
Lilly and I have school work to do every day . Its better than going to school .
We play on the wii.
We have parrots to play with. They sit on your head.
Darcy the cat is so cute.
I am teaching Murphy the dog to sit stay come lay down and walk on the lead.
We go down to the creek and build cubbies.
Mum stays in her room most of the time. She crys alot. Lilly and me try and make her happy. She just stays in bed.