Monday, August 25, 2014

What it's like in a Victorian Aged school in 1878

Today we went into the old Victorian Aged school and did a 45 minute school lesson about waht it was like to be a student in the Victorian schools.

They had a cane to smack bad kids with and a back straightener for bad posture. You had to sit up straight and not talk or even look sideways or you would get a smack.

This is the class and teacher

Me in the class

The back straightener being used for a 'boy' that had bad posture. 

This is the dunce hat for the dumb people. We all pointed at the boy and said dummy at him.

I am glad schools have changed from this.

My Industrial Age job.

At the Museum of Childhood, they had a lot about being a child many years ago. Before the 1900s, children worked. During the Industrial Age from the 1760s, children worked in terrible placed like factories and mines. They were very dangerous and many kids got killed.

If I was a boy about  230 years ago I would choose to be a paper delivery boy. They had to deliver the news papers to the local houses before going to school. 

They also had to think about getting to school on time or else they'd be in trouble.

Paper boys didn't get paid much. Al the money kids earnt went to the parents to pay for food and house. Everyone worked back then. Everyone was poor.

Here is an ad I saw.

My favourite old fashion toy at Sudbury Halls Museum of Childhood.

My favourite old fashion toy was a wind up toy from the 1800s.

When you winded it up the wheel spun.

The way it works is when you wind it pulls a spring and when you release it it spins the gears witch made the wheel spin. I found this cool because you could make it go by its self.

This is the toy.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Children's exhibition at the National Art Gallery in London

Today we went to the national art gallery in London. The exhibition that we went to was focused on Georges Suerat's painting the bathers.this is a photo of the painting.

This is me  next to the painting so you can see how big it is. 

 The bathers was painted by taping the brush on the paper.

The exhibition had work from  age groups up to 13 year olds and as low as 6 year olds. There where lots of cool designs and they all looked like they jumped out of the painting and into another.

First we got to see some clay figurines from his painting. This is the best one in my opinion

Did you know that in England they have something called a bathing house. The batheing house is on two wheels and goes down to the water so you can get in arfter getting changed. Here is the best modal that I saw.

A nother way to do art is to not lift your pen and it's called a line drawing. I think that it would be hard to do this type of drawing.

On the whole, I thought all the kids who got their work displayed at the art gallery were very lucky and very good.  It was great to see how much art work can be done just by looking at a famous painting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

War horse review

Today we went to see War horse in the theater in London.

It was awesome that they could have real sized marrionette and puppett horses. It was amazing when the actors got on a sat on them and really ride them around.
Now I need to watch the movie and read the book. The book is a childrens book so its ok for me to read.  I can't give a call on how much it sticks to the movie or book but mum said it was pretty true.

One of the things that was good is that it had hardly any singing and more story.  There was lots of action and gun fights. I would rate it a 8.7/10. It's a go see play and I loved it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Paycockes house and garden

Today we went to paycocke house. It was a Tudor house a very rich house. The owner got a lot of money from cloth. He made cloth and sold it. The house was very interesting and had a lot of cool things like coat of arms and belive it or not a bed post. The bed post had a fleurdelis on it witch is the symbol of royalty. There garden was pretty small. It had croquet in it so we gave it a shot and I loved playing it. It's so simple yet I thought it was as hard as chess to a beginner.

The coat of arms

Lilly in the tudor gear.

Us playing

Lilly again

Trengwainton Gardens in Cornwall

Today we went to Trengwainton Gardens in Cornwall We learnt how to identify plants. 

There are 4 ways to identify the plant. These are by looking at leaves, fruit, flowers and the shape of the plant.

This is comfrey. It is good for bones and sprains.

These are strawberry plants. Can you spot the fruit.

This is a zuccni. It grows on a long vine like plant.

This is a bean plant. The Beans a very small.

These is a grape plant. There are a few grape bunches here.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Grimes graves

Today we went to Grimes Graves.

It is a Neolithic mine for flint. We got to go into the mine and see every thing in there. We climbed a ladder down and up.  It was amazing. These mines where for flint so they cam make arrow heads, spear heads and conetsy.

How they got down back in the day.

The bottom of the mine 

Me coming down

Me and Lilly looking at the mine

Lavenham 2014

Today we went to Lavenham again and visited the house.

The house was like every Tudor house that I've been to apart from yesterday's.

This one was normal rich and had a cellar and a little garden.

Becuase I am focusing on architecture, I am looking at the way buildings are made. The tudor house is made by cutting wood and believe it or not no nails. The slid then together like a puzzle and sealed it with a peg.

The main frame is made out of mud and sticks like this.

This is a house being made in its first form.

After the white stuff is the final of the mud and sticks. Amazing. Can you guess what roof this is?!

We saw alot of thatched houses all over England.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cheddar caves

Today we went into the two cheddar caves. Yes there is a town called cheddar. In cheddar they found cheddar in a cave being made by cheddar fairys so go's the tail. The caves where amazing.

A massive up side down tree

I love caves there awesome

Pool with stalimiats

Awesome pool aboth the walk way.

Lilly in the caves.

The magic pool if you look in it you can see cheddar the town. It works, the camra can't get it :(

The castil quest cave



This is truly awesome 

Me in my hat 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Glastonbury Tor

Today we went to the Glastonbury Tor. The Tor  was once a island in the middle of a lake called Avalon. Glastonbury is said to have King Arthur and Queen Gwenivive are buried. The Tor was amazing I could see everything from there. 

Looking up in the Tor 

Looking out of the Tor 

From the back

From the front