Monday, March 31, 2014

How to bee a bee keeper

Today we found out about beekeeping. Dani is our host at the moment while we are in Wales. She showed us the movable frames. They look like this.

They look like this when there full

This is what you need to build one.  The sheet is wax and made by a machine. You can buy them in bulk lots when you make the frames

This is Dani building a bee frame to put in her new hive. They have new Queen bees to put in there.

Here's a close look at the comb. The bees put the honey inside these and then cap it with wax.

Did you know that the full frame of honey weighs about 2.50 pounds. 2.50 pounds  in kilograms 1.13kg. The man who made them is called Mr Langstroth.

Mr Langstroth made the moveable frames in 1789, so that the bee farmers didn't have to kill the bees in winter.

With the moveable frames you can see the bees and collet the honey safely for the bees and you. 
This is a old bee hive that the farmers used.

This is the new hive for the farmers. The movable frames get put in little boxes the boxes act like homes for the bees. This is what the boxes look like (these boxes are home made)

Here are some facts about the different bees.

 The worker bee - The worker bee is first fed on royal jelly. It takes 21 days for the baby to grow and come out of its whole. then once the come out they get fed on pollen or honey for the rest of thier life. 

The drone bee - the drone bee is like the worker be with its first days. But it takes 23 days to grow and then come out of its whole. Then it's fed honey and Pollen for its life like the worker bee. 

The queen bee - the queen bee is fed on royal jelly for its whole life and takes 16 days to hatch and grow. The queen lays all the eggs for the hive. (There can be only one queen bee in a hive.)

I learnt lots about honey and bees today from Dani. Thank you Dani.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Samurai armour

Today we went to a massive museum in London called the British Museum.

We didn't get to see it all because its so big and got so much in it.  We had to choose two rooms to see. I wanted to se the Japanese Armour. and Samurai armour and some of his weapons. This is the Samurai armour.

If you look close you can see one of the a. 
This is his 3 bladed dagger. It's pulled apart so we can see it better.

Here are Some hand carved figures from Japan. Arnt they awesome. Look closely.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Madame Tussauds in London - Focus on Hawkeye Character

Today I went to Madame Tussaud's in London. It is a wax museum and really interesting.

It was very fun and quiet because it was not Summer and not holidays. Though there was still a lot of people. 

Our Merlin passes are good because we don't have to wait in line. So I can get out and blog about it. 

Today our mission was to chose a character and blog about it. My character is Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a Marvell super hero. He has a bow and lots of trick arrows. The arrows that he uses are thick arrows. I did some research on him and found that he was a circus acrobat when he was younger.   Did you know that he always wears purple? . Here are some photos from the day

London eye

Today we went on the London Eye it was awesome be course we could see how long way from the top. London Eye is one of the biggest Ferris wheel I've seen. Its the biggest ferris wheel in Europe.

Here are some photos.

A sight for sore eyes!

How to get in. It goes really slowly.

I'm at the top of the world yeah!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Science at Sutton hoo

Today we looked at materials for our science. We were at Sutton Hoo which has the Anglo Saxon remains in it. It was buried for over 1400 years. There were organic things and non organic things in the grave.

Organic items break down over the years but metal items like swords rust. Here is my sheet which I filled in.

I thought it was very easy.

Sutton hoo (digging up the ruins )

Today we went to Sutton hoo and learned how they dug up the ruins and remains of the king Readwald and his treasures.

The people who dig things up are called Archaeologist. Mum wanted to be an archeologist when she was a little girl and grew up.  The man leader of the dig group is called Basil Brown.  Basil Brown and his team of specialists got told that there was something under the mounds by Miss Edith Pretty. Edith Pretty was the owner of the land at the time and gave them permission to dig there.

They found what they think was king Readwalds grave. We did a little course on how to be an archeologist. It was very helpful to know all the facts because I know that I'll need to have that experience later on. I don't think I'd like to dig up old dead people though.

Sutton hoo and King Readwald

Today we went to Sutton Hoo. Sutton Hoo is a place where we think the Anglo-Saxons buried a famous king called King Readwald.  He died at 625 ad.

King Readwald is important because he made the Anglo-Saxons come together as a country called England. He took place in many battles and he succeeded in his mission.

Did you know that the archeologies think he was buried in his coffin in a small ship - which hd to be dragged for miles from the sea up the hills to where it was found.

 He had his treasures all around him. The mound was 22m high and was made by hand. Alot of work

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ickworth House

Today we went to Ickworth again but today we went to the house. We got to look around the whole house and my favourite room was the library and the silver room.

The silver room is where they keep all the silver for dinners.

 The house was for guests not the oner to sleep in. They had a hottle next to it and that was where the lived mostly there. Here are some cool. 

Hover racers

Today I made hover racers. Hover racers are little paper cars with flat bottoms. I designed them and made up the template.

 I like to race them and I made one for Lilly, mum and me so we can race them.

Here are some photos. Please check my face book for a Video on how to make them and how to race them.

My hover racer (front and side)

My hover racer (back)

My mums hover racer (frout and side)

My mums hover racer (back)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weapons at Oxburgh hall

Today at Oxburgh Hall I got to look at all the weapons and armour that was on display.

They had the royal armor to the guards armour. They also had lots of weapons like spears, guns and axes. These weapons and armour dated back to the 1500s.

Here are some photos of the armour and weapons.

Guild armour

Twin pistols in a case. Theses might have been used for duels. Duelling is when two men had a disagreement and they wanted to settle it, so they shot at each other.

Guild gun

Armour and axe

The preist hole at Oxburgh

Today at Oxburgh I went down the priest hole. It was small but it was cool inside. Back in the 15th century  any one who was a believer of the Catholic faith was killed. So the priests had to hide. They hid from teh kings soldiers and sometimes they had to be down here for days.

Guess where they were hidden?  Under the toilet. Gross.

 Here are some photos of me going down and in there.

Me going down

Inside with Lilly

A pic of guards looking for the presets

Oxburgh hall

Today we went to Oxburgh Hall in Suffolk. They has lots of walls made out of majestic old brick. They had many treasure hunt trails to do around the house to discover things. We decided to do one of the trails. Lilly did a different trail.
The house was very beautiful they had hidden passage ways galore.They had secret passsage ways so that servant would never see the guest or owners.

 It was really fun and exiting. Over all we learned a lot and had fun so I'll say a day well spent. Here are the masses of photos that I took.

A cool chess board.

Secret door in the library.

The roof

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sea Life Great Yarmouth

Today we went to Sea life in Yarmouth.

Fun fact, did you know that's Yamouth is called Yarmouth because it was built at the mouth of the river Yare?

Sea life is all about rescuing sea animals and endangered creatures from the sea.

We got to see the sharks being feed. It was really well put together for kids they had a dive course which we had to go round completing stamps after answering questions.

We learnt a lot and even got to know that seacucumbers could not live here because it's too cold.

One of my favourite animals there was the moon jellyfish. The moon jellyfish glows in the dark and really struck me. They were so cool they were glowing and swimming at the same time it was awesome.

There were lots of places which you could hide and stand up in in the middle of the tanks so it looked like you were inside with the fish. Here are some photo that I took while there.

Animal life cycles - Frog - Science

Today I did one more page of Science and did animal life cycles.

Science is one of my favourite things to do. Here is what I did.

I learnt that frogs eggs are slimy on the outside and look like jelly.

The page.

The answers.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ikworth house

Today we went to a nathinal trust place called Ikworth House.
The house was not open but the gardens were. They had bikes that you could borrow and return. We got three of them and rode around the estate. It was awesome and very large.

In one if the gardens they had 13 Bat tunnels we were not allowed in but it's still wowing me that there is big caves under the garden. Over all I loved this place and give it a 9/10. Here are some photos.

This is the middle of the house.

Me and my bike.

These are suffolk sheep.

A little house on the bike track.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Roman Exhibition

Today we went to the Roman exhibition. 

It is for it how to be famous and rich in roman times. They made a special course for kids for how to be rich and wealthy. We did very well at it. They had a game called romenolpoly. We played several times.

We went to another section and we found out how the graves were built. We hd to look at the wording they put on the graves.

This is a roman toga and they look and feel ugly. 

Famous houses in Lavenham

While we where in Lavenham So we saw some famous houses in the town. This is where the writer of twinkle twinkle little star lived here.  Her name was Jane Taylor and she wrote it in 1806.

A Harry Potter scene was filmed here. It was in the movie the Deathly Hallows part two.

The De Ver house is where a Count called De Ver lived. It is rumoured that he was the one to write all of Shakespear's work.  But we can't prove anything.  Here are some photos.

Does this look like its in a magic movie. 

Medieval houses in Lavenham

Today we went to Lavenham. We went to Lavenham so We Could look at all the houses Because They where wonky. They where built in the 1500s.
There called half timber houses Because it's mostly wood and the bits in beween what made from mud or a sort of cement.
Did you know thatthey Could not dry the wood so They made ​​them in green and tilted it over? Here are some photos of the houses.