Friday, March 14, 2014

Sea Life Great Yarmouth

Today we went to Sea life in Yarmouth.

Fun fact, did you know that's Yamouth is called Yarmouth because it was built at the mouth of the river Yare?

Sea life is all about rescuing sea animals and endangered creatures from the sea.

We got to see the sharks being feed. It was really well put together for kids they had a dive course which we had to go round completing stamps after answering questions.

We learnt a lot and even got to know that seacucumbers could not live here because it's too cold.

One of my favourite animals there was the moon jellyfish. The moon jellyfish glows in the dark and really struck me. They were so cool they were glowing and swimming at the same time it was awesome.

There were lots of places which you could hide and stand up in in the middle of the tanks so it looked like you were inside with the fish. Here are some photo that I took while there.

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