Monday, March 10, 2014

Norwich Castle

Today we went to the Norwich Castle. It was a really nice castle with fun dress ups, games and lots more. Mum and I had a go at a game called Goose and Fox. I beat her really quickly and easily. They had it all set up for kids. 

The main object of the game is to Goose and Fox is to beat the other player. You beat them by either being the fox and eating all the geese, or by being the goose and cornering and trapping the fox.

This is how you play.
1. You need a special board to play on. I have taken a photo of it below.
2. You need 13 white counters and 1 black counter.

Here are my photos

Goose and fox game board.

The nine mans Morris game board.

A cool door from back then.

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