Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sutton hoo (digging up the ruins )

Today we went to Sutton hoo and learned how they dug up the ruins and remains of the king Readwald and his treasures.

The people who dig things up are called Archaeologist. Mum wanted to be an archeologist when she was a little girl and grew up.  The man leader of the dig group is called Basil Brown.  Basil Brown and his team of specialists got told that there was something under the mounds by Miss Edith Pretty. Edith Pretty was the owner of the land at the time and gave them permission to dig there.

They found what they think was king Readwalds grave. We did a little course on how to be an archeologist. It was very helpful to know all the facts because I know that I'll need to have that experience later on. I don't think I'd like to dig up old dead people though.

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