Monday, March 31, 2014

How to bee a bee keeper

Today we found out about beekeeping. Dani is our host at the moment while we are in Wales. She showed us the movable frames. They look like this.

They look like this when there full

This is what you need to build one.  The sheet is wax and made by a machine. You can buy them in bulk lots when you make the frames

This is Dani building a bee frame to put in her new hive. They have new Queen bees to put in there.

Here's a close look at the comb. The bees put the honey inside these and then cap it with wax.

Did you know that the full frame of honey weighs about 2.50 pounds. 2.50 pounds  in kilograms 1.13kg. The man who made them is called Mr Langstroth.

Mr Langstroth made the moveable frames in 1789, so that the bee farmers didn't have to kill the bees in winter.

With the moveable frames you can see the bees and collet the honey safely for the bees and you. 
This is a old bee hive that the farmers used.

This is the new hive for the farmers. The movable frames get put in little boxes the boxes act like homes for the bees. This is what the boxes look like (these boxes are home made)

Here are some facts about the different bees.

 The worker bee - The worker bee is first fed on royal jelly. It takes 21 days for the baby to grow and come out of its whole. then once the come out they get fed on pollen or honey for the rest of thier life. 

The drone bee - the drone bee is like the worker be with its first days. But it takes 23 days to grow and then come out of its whole. Then it's fed honey and Pollen for its life like the worker bee. 

The queen bee - the queen bee is fed on royal jelly for its whole life and takes 16 days to hatch and grow. The queen lays all the eggs for the hive. (There can be only one queen bee in a hive.)

I learnt lots about honey and bees today from Dani. Thank you Dani.

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