Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Cucumber - Water every night and put in a bar grid. 

Beetroot - Water every night and see how hevey it is intill pulling out.

Carrots - Water every night and feel how hevey it is to see if Redy.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hand raising a baby bird - Fig bird

If you have a baby fig bird it means It fell out of the nest and it will die because the mother can't get it back into the nest. The important things to do when caring for the fig bird is food and a bed that is warm.

Hand raising a little bird is alot of work.

The things you feed a baby bird is fruit and worms from the garden.

The way you feed a baby bird is you have to drop it in their mouth.

Starzi and Rhodi found a little baby bird a few days ago. We found out that it is a fig bird. The fig bird normally lives in

When it's big you should release because its cruel to keep wild animals.

Dolphins - My Animal Research Project.

My animal is a dolphin.
I chose the dolphin because they are very smart.

Did you know that the dolphin is from the mammal family not the fish family?

They have to breathe air and can hold their breathe for a long time. The dolphins diet is fish. It lives in the sea. The dolphin is not in the top of the food chain which means they are hunted by sharks. its sad that humans are the killers which are endangering them.  Lots of tuna fishing net have dolphins in them. So when you buy tuna make sure its a dolphin friendly one.

 Dolphins can do rely cool stunts and they like to do it for fun.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tomorrow when the war began - film review

I saw Tomorrow when the war began 16/11/13. This movie is about a group of teenagers that go on a camp at the Blue 
Mountains. Australia was attacked and have no power over it. 
When the teenagers get home every one was captured by the opposition . I thought it was interesting that the opposition weren't from a country or anything. They were just the baddies.

The main characters is Ellie, Homer, Fiona, Lee and Corrie. Ellie is my favourite character because she has a good sense of survival .
The film was made in Australia and the background was in the blue mountains. 

I think the movie was telling the audience that any one can be brave. I can learn to be brave at all times. I strongly suggest anyone  to watch this movie if your mature and over nine. There are some scary things in it and guns.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Today I picketed some beans and peas from the garden.

Grandma let us get some passion fruit from the fence.

 It was so cool how we got to see all the veggies grow.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Science Museum

We went to the science museum on a trip to learn all about science today.

It was so awesome to experiment with the things set up. My favourite thing was the science fiction section which looked at all the things which could be developed in he future.

I would like to teleport the most. I loved the teleport booth.. it was so cool to see us disappear and then reappear.

We explored the visual effects places as well. Mum took a photo of me which looks like my head was chopped off.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cooking with Math

We are cooking a chocolate cake for dessert tonight.

Yum! It tastes good. It was gluten free because Lilly can't have gluten

I practiced fractions and addition while we cooked.  There is alot of maths in cooking.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Movie report

Today we saw the new Thor. It is awesome.  
It had dark elves and epic battles. 

It had lots of weapons and magic. 

I think you must see this movie.