Friday, February 28, 2014

German Lesson 5 Numbers

Today I did numbers and to say "this is"  its "Das ist"

 Here are the numbers to 12  - 

1 eins 
2 zwei 
3 drei 
4 vier 
6 sechs 
7 sieben 
8 acht 
9 neun 
10 zehn 
11 elf 
12 zwölf 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Saalburg Roman Fortress Museum

Today we went to Saalburg Fortress. The fortress was built as one of the fortresses along the mountainside keeping the tribes of wild hill people out of Rome. This formed part of the huge wall that protected Rome.

They also built baths here. They weren't the baths that we have in our bathroom. They were big swimming pool things that were heated. We saw a model of it. It looked like the one that we saw in Bath in the UK.

We saw the bakehouse places. They were like big pizza ovens. They did all their cooking there for all the troops.

We saw the barracks where the soldiers slept. It looked really rough. They had to sleep on beds made from hay. That would have been scratchy.

German Lesson 4 Signs

Today we did signs for our German lessons. We have been looking at the German signs. Can you guess what they mean? I'll give you the answers at the end.

Please leave a comment of how you did.

 Normal 1. Eingang 
 Harder 1. Eingang bitte ziehen

Normal 2. Ausgang 
Harder 2. Ausgang bitte drücken

Normal 3. Achtung!
Harder 3. Achtung! Quetschgefahr 


Normal 4. Parken
Harder 4. Parken verboten! 


1 - Entrance, Entrance please
2 - Exit, Exit push please
3 attention!  attention danger of crushing.
4 Parking. parking is forbidden

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

German Lesson 3 Fruit and Vegetables

I went to the Mainz markets and we bought some fruit and vegetables.

I am learning the names of different fruit and veg.

Try to guess what the fruit is.

1. They are at the bottom of the photo

2. It's a red berry

3. Easy one

4. A smaller version of a mandarine

5. A nut

6. I don't like this vegy

7. A strange fruit

Here are the answers
I had to say this out loud to mum

Ich Sah - ( I saw)..

1 Raspberries
2 Strawberries
3 Mango
4 Clementine
5 Walnuts
6 Tomato
7 Pomegranite

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Gutenberg Museum

The Gutenberg Museum is where hey hold lots of things to do with printing and books. Mainz is was where are the first Bible/Book was printed.

We got to see a demonstration using one of the old printing presses. It was 300 years old. and the Museum was very big. We didn't get too explored all. We will have to come back another day to look at everything.

 Fun fact “ did you know that each Gutenberg bible was individual”. The individual bits where the decorations around the writing. The printing press did the black and monks coloured in the nice bits and gold leaves. So you could ask what you wanted painted around to writing.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cistercian Eberbach Monastery

Cistercian Eberbach Monastery was a rich working monastery in the 11th century. Did you know that the movie 
“Name of the rose” was shot there? Its an old film - well when mum was younger anyway. 

There where lots of little rooms and a church that was big and they had a big hall and it was all cobbles for the foot paths. Here are Some of my photos. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

German Lesson - colours Lesson 2


English Colour                   German Colour Name - and how to pronounce it. 

schwarz (shvahrts).                          6
weiß (vighss).                                  11
grau (grou) - rhymes with "cow".      3
rot (roht).                                          2
blau (blou) - rhymes with "cow".       8
gelb (gelp).                                        0
grün (gruun).                                      1
orange (oh-RAHNGSH).                     0
lila (Lee-lah) (dark).                             0
rosa (ROH-zah).                                  0
braun (brown).                                     0

We counted cars. I can now say "I saw" in German. Car is Auto

Here are my findings on our walk around our village. We counted cars and did a data collection. We then did a graph to show this and now I am translating it in German for you.

Ich sah eins grün auto
Ich sah acht blau auto
Ich sah zwei rot auto
Ich sah drei grau auto
Ich sah elf weiß auto
Ich sah sechs schwarz auto

Saturday, February 22, 2014

German language lesson 1

When we are in a different country we try to speak a little of the language.

We are in Germany at the moment.

I am learning numbers, days of the week, shops and greetings. We try to say things in German all the time.

Today we got to see some shops when we went to have a walk. Try to guess what it is I'll get the answers at the end.






1. Fire station 
2. bank
3. pharmacy 
4.our street
5. I watch here 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Halli galli

Halli galli is a math game with fruit cards and a bell. 

How you play

Deal out the cards and put the bell in the middle of the table. Then one by one flip the cards in your pile. When there is five of the same type. The one who wins is the one with all the cards.

It is good for maths because you have to count up the cards very quickly, before others.

I like games like this for maths.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stonehenge 2014

Today we went to the new Stonehenge visitor centre. They have a better everything. When we went last year it was very old and dingy looking and it was very crowded.

They also have a new museum room it's so cool. Inside the museum they had a video about the solstices and explained alot about how old the Stonehenge was and how they think it was made.

Now they take you there in land rover powered trains. Then you have to walk for a little bit to see Stonehenge. Then you get to walk around it.

It is still pretty cool.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Movie review (The Lego Movie)

Today we saw the Lego movie in 3D today. It was awesome. It's a must see movie.

I don't want to be a spoiler so I will only tell you a bit. The Lego Movie is about a bad Lego guy who is going to glue all the world. The good guys in the movie are called the master builders. 

The hero of them movie was just a a normal constructor worker.  He saves the world.  The movie tells us that a normal person can do lots more than most people say they can.

King Arthur's Round Table

King Arthur's Round Table is very big and there is lots of names all round it. We walked all a round the hall.

This wasn't the real one. King Henry the 8th made this one.

Winchester Church

Today we went to the Winchester Cathedral.

Fun fact. Did you know that Winchester was a capital of England when the Romans were around ?

The church is in a cross design and has a really weird story. Back when it was built they had to build it on rafts because it was in the middle of marshy ground. It began to sink in the early 1900s. That was 700 years after it was built.

They got a deep sea diver to save it. They had to dig ditches all the way round and the ditches filled with black water. The diver had to pull out the peaty mess under the church and replacae iwht concret bags and bricks. This was all done in pitch black. It took him 6 years to complete it. It was done by hand and only by him.

Here are some photos I got. This is his helmet.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Long Man

The long man is a chalk drawing in a hill. No one knows where it came from or who created it nor what it's for. So It got left in the hill untouched. Here are some photos that I took. I have to share them with my sister as her camera was out of battery.

The battle Abbey

Today we also went to the Battle Abbey. The Battle Abbey was made after the Battle of Hastings. The Abbey was built where William the Conqueror killed King Harold. The common myth is that Harold died with a arrow through his eye. More to the truth is that he was slashed to death.
They built the high alter on that spot. They had lots of ruins all over the place. The ruins are of the church and the monastery. It got smashed by King Henry the 8th and Oliver Cromwell when they didn't like the churches.

Here are some of the photos that I got.

-the battle field

-the front gate

-Archers Armour and weapon. The armour is chainmail. It would have been really heavy.

-Norman Weapons. They were much lighter than the English weapons. We got to pick them up.

-Part of the ruins. This is an undercroft

-me on a grass hut. this was the Icehouse. it is big underneath and where ice was kept to cool the dairy stuff.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Archery at Bodiam Castle

They had a archery at the Castle.

As you know it was a windy day so the arrows got blown the wrong way. We got 10 arrows to try and shoot at the targets. Please look at my Instagram to see more photos.

Mum put a video of me shooting an arrow on her instagram - so look at that.

Bodiam castle

Bodiam castle was built by a knight his name is Edward Dalyngrogge . It was built in the 1300s

On the outside it is perfect but on the inside it is all ruins. This castle never got attacked but it was built to withstand all the enemy.

 They had two towers that you could walk up there was heaps of stairs and  it was a windy day. From the top we can see a lot. We could see the plane lands around us, the kill holes that was used in battle and the rest of the ruins of the castle.

This is a panorama shot from one of the towers.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Transfer sheets

Today I tried out my new transfer sheet that I got from Leeds Castle yesterday. The transfer sheet is about a Castle attack. If you look up Morgan Mitchell on Facebook There will be a video of me doing my transfer sheets. Here are some photos of my transfer sheets.

Here is a photo of my finished picture.

The Battle Museum

Today we went to the Battle Museum. They have a lot of exhibits including samurai armour. I liked it because it was old. I saw how much work was put into it and was amazed.

They also had a dinosaur discovery room where you can see all the fossils.

They had a sand pit that had fake fossils in it. To find. It was lots of fun and a good source of information.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Leeds castle

Today we went to Leeds Castle. Leeds Castle has a playground and maze and lots  of shows such as the birds of prey show and many more.

The maze hint is to turn right every time and the maze was built out of hedges. Then once we finish the maze we went into the grotto. The grotto you can only access from the middle of the maze. The grotto was very spooky and had lots of tunnels, stairs and loud voices speaking poetry. The poem is The Tale of the Ancient Mariner. I think it would suck to die of thirst like they did.

 I forgot to take a photo of the playground but it was amazing it was called the nights realm it was made out of wood and looked fantastic. It had a flying fox, two levels of fun and heaps and heaps of ropes leading to the top level. We spent hours playing on the playground Leeds Castle rocks. I would rate this castle 9/10. There is a photo of the creepy face in the grotto.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Royal Pavilion in Brighton

Today we went to the Royal pavilion at Brighton. St George lV built lt and with no expense to spare. There were dragons everywhere. It was all Chinese decorated. My favourite room is the Banquet room because the chandelier is held in the golden claws of a dragon almost weighs 1 tone.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cooking Time - homeschooling stuff

We use our maths to do cooking, and mum makes us read instructions and asks us questions about it all the time.

Today we made oat cookies for morning tea tomorrow.

The cheap shop in Hastings

The cheap shop is what it's name suggests. Its a very cheap shop. They sell all the past best by date but they test them. It's all at a very low price. There are soft drink for 29 pence. 29 pence = 58 cents. So a 2L soft drink like lemonade for 60 cents. It was a very small shop but one that if you pull out something you will get a other thing. You get what I mean.

Mum makes me look at prices and convert them to Australian dollars for my maths.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Hastings castle

Today we visited the Hastings castle. The castle was on top of the hill at Hastings. It was built in the 11th century by William the conqueror. This castle was built after the 1066 war. The French invaded England and killed Harold the king.
As the years went by the hill got worn away and the castle fell to ruin. There was a huge storm which made half the castle fall into the sea.
King Henry the 8th made a law so that the church had to be ripped down. Now all that is left is this...

its still cool

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Amsterdam ship wreck

Today we were in Hastings and we went to a museum. The museum had alot about the Amsterdam Ship but was slso about lots of other ships right back to the first century.
I liked the stuff on the Amsterdam because it wrecked here. The Amsterdam was a East India trading boat. It was on voyage full of wine and gold when it all went wrong. The storm carried it to a beach then it sunk meters away from the island and then got sweaped away by the sea and taken to Hastings by the time it wrecked at Hastings most of the crew were ill or dead. The ill ones walked to the beach.

In the 1960s  a company that had to put a pipe in and they spotted the wreck and they went to find out what it was. Today there is still a tech there and in the summer you can see it at low tide.

Mum said we can come back in Summer and look at it.

The net shops

If you look close you may see the writing on the poster.

These tall black buildings are in Hastings and are interesting.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bodium castle

Bodium castle is a castle that is perfect on the out side and ruins on the inside. It dates back to the 14 century. Tomorrow we may go to see it inside - but it depends if it is open. there is alot of flooding so it may not be open.

Please check in the instergram to find more photos.