Thursday, February 13, 2014

Leeds castle

Today we went to Leeds Castle. Leeds Castle has a playground and maze and lots  of shows such as the birds of prey show and many more.

The maze hint is to turn right every time and the maze was built out of hedges. Then once we finish the maze we went into the grotto. The grotto you can only access from the middle of the maze. The grotto was very spooky and had lots of tunnels, stairs and loud voices speaking poetry. The poem is The Tale of the Ancient Mariner. I think it would suck to die of thirst like they did.

 I forgot to take a photo of the playground but it was amazing it was called the nights realm it was made out of wood and looked fantastic. It had a flying fox, two levels of fun and heaps and heaps of ropes leading to the top level. We spent hours playing on the playground Leeds Castle rocks. I would rate this castle 9/10. There is a photo of the creepy face in the grotto.

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