Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Amsterdam ship wreck

Today we were in Hastings and we went to a museum. The museum had alot about the Amsterdam Ship but was slso about lots of other ships right back to the first century.
I liked the stuff on the Amsterdam because it wrecked here. The Amsterdam was a East India trading boat. It was on voyage full of wine and gold when it all went wrong. The storm carried it to a beach then it sunk meters away from the island and then got sweaped away by the sea and taken to Hastings by the time it wrecked at Hastings most of the crew were ill or dead. The ill ones walked to the beach.

In the 1960s  a company that had to put a pipe in and they spotted the wreck and they went to find out what it was. Today there is still a tech there and in the summer you can see it at low tide.

Mum said we can come back in Summer and look at it.

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