Thursday, February 27, 2014

German Lesson 4 Signs

Today we did signs for our German lessons. We have been looking at the German signs. Can you guess what they mean? I'll give you the answers at the end.

Please leave a comment of how you did.

 Normal 1. Eingang 
 Harder 1. Eingang bitte ziehen

Normal 2. Ausgang 
Harder 2. Ausgang bitte drücken

Normal 3. Achtung!
Harder 3. Achtung! Quetschgefahr 


Normal 4. Parken
Harder 4. Parken verboten! 


1 - Entrance, Entrance please
2 - Exit, Exit push please
3 attention!  attention danger of crushing.
4 Parking. parking is forbidden

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