Sunday, February 16, 2014

The battle Abbey

Today we also went to the Battle Abbey. The Battle Abbey was made after the Battle of Hastings. The Abbey was built where William the Conqueror killed King Harold. The common myth is that Harold died with a arrow through his eye. More to the truth is that he was slashed to death.
They built the high alter on that spot. They had lots of ruins all over the place. The ruins are of the church and the monastery. It got smashed by King Henry the 8th and Oliver Cromwell when they didn't like the churches.

Here are some of the photos that I got.

-the battle field

-the front gate

-Archers Armour and weapon. The armour is chainmail. It would have been really heavy.

-Norman Weapons. They were much lighter than the English weapons. We got to pick them up.

-Part of the ruins. This is an undercroft

-me on a grass hut. this was the Icehouse. it is big underneath and where ice was kept to cool the dairy stuff.

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