Friday, April 25, 2014

Camino day 1

Today we walked 11km in the wet to get to half way up the hill. It was a mountainous path and it was slippery from the rain. In the process, I got two blisters. Although it ws a rainy day it didnt ruin the camino for Mum, Lilly and I. Please see my instergram for photos.

Our Albergue is the best.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spain (camino start)

Tomorrow I'll be catching a plane to Spain and can't get a blog in because I won't have wifi and would like to do a blog before I go.

This blog is about the plans for the first and second day of the camino. 

These two days dad, uncle Frazier and me did in one. It was 28.2km that day and it was one of my biggest days of the camino. On these two first days we will be sending our bags forward and take a little bag with the bear necessities, such as chocolate (for when we are buggered), our rain shells (if it rains) and water because we need to keep healthy.

It looks like its going to rain for the next few days in Spain..

I will do another two blogs to catch up on the two days that I missed.

wish us luck!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1950s kitchen at Avebury Manor

We went to Avebury Manor.

In the kitchen we grounded up coffee beans in an old coffee grounder. It smelt really nice when it was grounded. 

Here is a photo of me grinding the beans up.  |

I tired on a few different hats from the different eras. 

Sleeping on Queen Anne's Bed

Today we went to Avebury and got to lay in Queen Anne's bed. Its called that because she was supposed to have stayed here.

Queen Anne was a sad queen and reigned for only five years.  She reined in the early 1700s

She got pregnant 17 times and only had 5 kids that lived. Then 4 of them died at 3 years and the oldest lived to 11. She was a very sad queen and then she died.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Sarum - The Kings toilet

Today at old Sarum we spotted the weirdest and of course at the time - the stinkiest thing.

Can you guess what it is?

These are toilets and for only the royal behinds only.

When the castle was complete, there would have been a floor above this and toilet seats there.

They worked like pits of rubbish in the medieval age. The king poos or wees in the loo and then it fills up and when he's away, they clean it up. What a gross job it would be. Can you do that every day all day every year?

Kite making at Old Sarum

Today we made kites at Old Sarum. 

Its near Salisbury and was a Roman Fort.

The kites where made out of plastic and where very easy to make.

These kites worked really well and we had help for making them. English heritage and National Trust are very good with kids and do a whole heap of things to do and to see.

Old Sarum - why it is important

Old Sarum is important because William the Conquerer was there in 1215 to collect the Doomsday book.

The doomsday book was a book about all the lords, lady's, animals, children and their land. William the Conquerer wanted the information so he knew what he could tax people.

This castle was a part of willoms war base.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Salisbury Cathedral

Today we went to Salisbury Cathedral. Did you know that is is the tallest medieval spire in Europe?  It is over 800 years old.

They had sculptures which just looked like rocks that were there as art.

We climbed on them they where weird shapes and sizes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alternate Energy - Science Museum

Today we went to the Science Museum.

I decided to learn about all the alternative energies there are.

There is five Alternate energies. Water energy is made by turning the flow into power through mills. It can also be made from he sea and the tide.

Solar energy comes from sunlight. Light can be changed into thermal energy and can also be turned into  energy which is power. It can be collected and stored into batteries.

Wind energy is the generation of electricity from the wind. Wind does not carry the energy. The turbines make it. We saw alot of turbines in Wales as well as in Spain. I think they look ugly. They sound really creepy.

Geothermal energy is the earth's internal heat. It can be turned into power or electric energy. You find this in places where the lava is close to the surface of the Earth. We saw this in New Zealand when we went.

Biofuel is plant substance. It can also be turned into energy or power for our use.

Nuclear energy is nuclear fussion to release energy of a sort. This can be turned into energy or power.

We have to do something about using alternative energy because our world is falling apart. We are using too much coal and gas and it makes the environment toxic and die.

I think wind turbines should be out at sea where there are no cows or anything around like people who will get sick when they are near them.

Lego land (mini land)

Today we went to Lego land to look at the mini land. It was mind blowing.

They had moving Lego trains, an underground, the London Eye and lots of little boats. It's so smart how it all works there were things here and things there. It's very interesting to see.

They even had the changeing of the guard at the Palace.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ev. Turkish restaurant (London) reveiw

Today we went to ev.

 They had Turkish delights to greet you and there cuisine is a shared cuisine. They bring out little bowls of sauce and dips and toppings with bread and it was delicious. 

I'd rate ev 9 1/2 / 10. So in my eyes it's great.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dunham Massey war hospital

Today we went into the Dunham Massey house.
The house was opened for the war effort and used as a hospital. Some of the sick soldiers got looked after there. This is in World War One when there was a lot of wounded men and women. There was little activities to do.
We had to roll bandages using a smart little machine. They needed lots of bandages for the sick.
Then it showed the rest of the house.

Dunham Massey ( A study on the deer)

Today we went to Dunham Massey. They had lots of deer (which means that it stinks). But other then that it was pretty cool. They had the most common deer. They're called Fallow deer. The Fallow deer have white spots in there brown silky coat. They get hunted often for it or its meat and they can be a pest to the local farmers. So all the things that are good and bad about it. There were lots of males but not a lot of does. This was amazing to come so close to an animal that is so wild. If you were this close to one in the wild I'll be scared. Here are some photos.

So close

Shhh, were hunting deer. (Only for a photo :) )

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cadbury world

Today we went to Cadbury World in Birmingham.

Cadbury world is one of the most interesting places in England I have been to yet - because we got to eat lots of chocolate!.  We learnt how they made chocolate right from the start.
It was South American plant which the Spanish stole and hid from Europe for 100 years.

Now days they use machines to make it all.

They were making it while we were there it was so cool.

The bad thing is that I was not allowed to take photos of most of the things but I still got one.

They had the whole story of how chocolate was discovered and used by the Incas and then taken to Europe and sugar and milk added to it.

Here is a photo of a massive chocolate bar.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lego Land Windsor

Today we went to Lego land in Windsor. It was very big so we didn't get to do it all but we did a lot and it was all made out of lego or looked like Lego. I love everything there but some of it was a bit childish. I would like it more if I was younger. Here are some of my favourt photos.

some very real looking Lego

- How long would this take to build. Wow

- hoccy smokey. This is huge.

- so cute.

Fire relay.

Arr me hartey

Off on an adventure

- its time to fly

Driving school

- #did it 

- boating yee

- wow the detail. (Note it's Lego)

- pritty cool if I do say so myself

He's way bigger than me.  Wow

- “hump" Mr cammal

- wow so much time in it.

- Cool


It moves (Lego)

- it comeing. :0


- crazy hair

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My favourite ride at Chessington

Today I'm doing a review on my favourite ride at Chessington. My favourite  ride at Chessington is called Dragon's fury. The Dragon's fury is a spinning rollercoster.

It spins round while moving and stops then starts up again shocking the rider. It's very fun and goes for about one minute thirty  seconds. I love it because it goes up and on its side. I would rate it a 8/10.

Kurks dik dik .. Chessington Zoo

Today we got to see a animal called the Kurks dik dik.
The Kirk's dik dik is a small antelope. It is  found in eastern and south western Africa. The Kurk's dik dik grows to 70 cm in length and can weigh up to 7 kg when fully grown. Its  about 35–45 cm high. It has a reddish-brown head and a tail.
It has a soft, grizzled gray to brown coat and eats lots of different types of plants that grow around where it lives. It has little hooves like a pony. But smaller. These are effective when travelling over rocky terrain. Newborns are hidden for two to three weeks and suckle for three to four months.
It may sound really funny but it is the cutest little animal. It's like a little deer the size of a big puppy. And they have very big eyes for there size. Arn't they so cute :).

Physics at Chessington Theme Park

Today we looked at rides at the theme park as we have been looking at Newtons Theories.

One of my favourite rides was called the cobra. The cobra is a W shaped ride where you sit on a circular shape disk with seats that are like bikes. It uses gravity to power it when at a high speed they use power to start it off and then let gravity take over. This type of gravity saves up untill it's needed to be used.

It uses kinetic and potential energy.

Kinetic energy is a energy that is moving.

Potential energy is saved energy that turns into Kinetic energy when it's needed.

Newton has three laws of physics.  They are

1. Whatever goes up must come down. Thats gravity.

2. However fast an object goes it depends on its mass. The bigger the rollercoaster, once it gets going it goes faster.

3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The cobra was awesome. Its fun to see physics in the park.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our camino back packs

We have only packed exactly what we need for the Camino

What do you think?

PS.. ha ha... April Fools joke....

we have a MUCH more petite backpack each nealry sorted out... can't believe its in 25 days