Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Physics at Chessington Theme Park

Today we looked at rides at the theme park as we have been looking at Newtons Theories.

One of my favourite rides was called the cobra. The cobra is a W shaped ride where you sit on a circular shape disk with seats that are like bikes. It uses gravity to power it when at a high speed they use power to start it off and then let gravity take over. This type of gravity saves up untill it's needed to be used.

It uses kinetic and potential energy.

Kinetic energy is a energy that is moving.

Potential energy is saved energy that turns into Kinetic energy when it's needed.

Newton has three laws of physics.  They are

1. Whatever goes up must come down. Thats gravity.

2. However fast an object goes it depends on its mass. The bigger the rollercoaster, once it gets going it goes faster.

3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The cobra was awesome. Its fun to see physics in the park.

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Margie said...

That is a great post, Morgs. Love that you have grasped the physics side of things - the kinetic and potential energy especially. Well done you.
Lots of love to you, Mum and Lilly.