Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spain (camino start)

Tomorrow I'll be catching a plane to Spain and can't get a blog in because I won't have wifi and would like to do a blog before I go.

This blog is about the plans for the first and second day of the camino. 

These two days dad, uncle Frazier and me did in one. It was 28.2km that day and it was one of my biggest days of the camino. On these two first days we will be sending our bags forward and take a little bag with the bear necessities, such as chocolate (for when we are buggered), our rain shells (if it rains) and water because we need to keep healthy.

It looks like its going to rain for the next few days in Spain..

I will do another two blogs to catch up on the two days that I missed.

wish us luck!

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