Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lego Land Windsor

Today we went to Lego land in Windsor. It was very big so we didn't get to do it all but we did a lot and it was all made out of lego or looked like Lego. I love everything there but some of it was a bit childish. I would like it more if I was younger. Here are some of my favourt photos.

some very real looking Lego

- How long would this take to build. Wow

- hoccy smokey. This is huge.

- so cute.

Fire relay.

Arr me hartey

Off on an adventure

- its time to fly

Driving school

- #did it 

- boating yee

- wow the detail. (Note it's Lego)

- pritty cool if I do say so myself

He's way bigger than me.  Wow

- “hump" Mr cammal

- wow so much time in it.

- Cool


It moves (Lego)

- it comeing. :0


- crazy hair

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