Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alternate Energy - Science Museum

Today we went to the Science Museum.

I decided to learn about all the alternative energies there are.

There is five Alternate energies. Water energy is made by turning the flow into power through mills. It can also be made from he sea and the tide.

Solar energy comes from sunlight. Light can be changed into thermal energy and can also be turned into  energy which is power. It can be collected and stored into batteries.

Wind energy is the generation of electricity from the wind. Wind does not carry the energy. The turbines make it. We saw alot of turbines in Wales as well as in Spain. I think they look ugly. They sound really creepy.

Geothermal energy is the earth's internal heat. It can be turned into power or electric energy. You find this in places where the lava is close to the surface of the Earth. We saw this in New Zealand when we went.

Biofuel is plant substance. It can also be turned into energy or power for our use.

Nuclear energy is nuclear fussion to release energy of a sort. This can be turned into energy or power.

We have to do something about using alternative energy because our world is falling apart. We are using too much coal and gas and it makes the environment toxic and die.

I think wind turbines should be out at sea where there are no cows or anything around like people who will get sick when they are near them.

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