Thursday, August 14, 2014

Children's exhibition at the National Art Gallery in London

Today we went to the national art gallery in London. The exhibition that we went to was focused on Georges Suerat's painting the bathers.this is a photo of the painting.

This is me  next to the painting so you can see how big it is. 

 The bathers was painted by taping the brush on the paper.

The exhibition had work from  age groups up to 13 year olds and as low as 6 year olds. There where lots of cool designs and they all looked like they jumped out of the painting and into another.

First we got to see some clay figurines from his painting. This is the best one in my opinion

Did you know that in England they have something called a bathing house. The batheing house is on two wheels and goes down to the water so you can get in arfter getting changed. Here is the best modal that I saw.

A nother way to do art is to not lift your pen and it's called a line drawing. I think that it would be hard to do this type of drawing.

On the whole, I thought all the kids who got their work displayed at the art gallery were very lucky and very good.  It was great to see how much art work can be done just by looking at a famous painting.

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