Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First fleet

Today in history I learned about the first fleet. Captain Cook Dirk Hartog and William Dampier were explorers who discovered Australia, but at different times. William Dampier discovered Western Australia but left because he said there were too many flies.

Britains jails were too full. The jails were full because of the stealing. People got sent to jail for stealing bread. Tge Queen wanted a new land to send prisoners.

Captain Cook found bontany bay. It wasnt very good soil but they put all the convicts there anyway.

We went to Sydney earlier and saw the Rocks and the jails. Thay were old and dark.

Children were convicts too. I think i would have died from hunger and all that work.

It was awesome. my favorite subject is history.

 Next we will learning about bush rangers. Like lighting bolt.

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