Friday, July 18, 2014

Magic flute

Today we went to Marionettentheater Schloss Schonbrunn in Wien.

To watch the magic flute it was pretty cool and had lots of singing. The Marionettes where very complex in the way that they moved and could walk, dace and jump with the pull of a string.  The story is pretty complex so I am going to try to tell you in the simplest way.

A prince go hunting in the forest and got attacked by a serpent. Then some witches came and saved him. The witches boss the queen of the nights came and gave him a magic flute and said that here daughter is emprisioned by an evil man and has to be saved. Straight away the prince fell in love with the princess. He set of to get the princess back and found out the the said eval man was good and the queen of the nights was eval. So the prince went throw 3 tryles. The first one was science, the seceand one was fire, and the third one was water.

The marionettes. we got ot go back stage.

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