Monday, July 7, 2014

The history of the English long bow.

Today we went to Warwick Castle. We focused on the Bowman and his demonstrations and learnt alof about the history of it.

Did you know that the English long bow was invented by the Welsh? The bowman told us a story - I am not sure if its all true though.

One day Daffyd and tom where walking in the forest and daffyd fell over a branch the fell of a yew tree. Tom laughter at daffyd and daffyd got angry. Daffyd tryed to snap int on his leng but it didn't so Tom walked off a head. So daffyd got even Mader and got the stick and a bit of string and made a giant bow . He then got a sharp stick and shoot it a head it went flying and daffyd shouted '' did you see that ''. Tom shouted back ''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'' '' yes i did it's in my back''.

 So the English hired welsh bow men to fight for them. But they got sick of it and got peasants to do it for them. The king forced all peasants to practice bow from teh the age of 8. The king needed alot of archers for his battles.

The long bow men have a weird walk because they had a big arm and a little on. This is because  one shoulder stronger then the other because of the bow.

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