Thursday, December 11, 2014

Music Lesson 10 The Beatles

Today we visited The Beatles Story Experience in Liverpool.

The Beatles are John, Paul, Ringo and George
The Beatles started as a rock band and evolved into the Beatle style they were until they broke up in 1970.

They stared with a stupid hairstyle that was like a bowl cut and it looked like they were wearing a mop. They had jackets with no collars. By the time they broke up, they had long hair and beards and wore flowers and colourful hippie shirts.

Liverpool was an important place for music too and lots of bands played in the Cavern there. We went to a recreation of the Cavern.

The Beatles are important to music because they made pop come round and a lot more such as teenagers. The Beatles started big band crazes off. They were the first band to have a concert in a stadium.

Some famous prices include I want to hold your hand. 

I'm not a big fan of there older jazzier ones but I'm a fan of the newer ones like love me do, hard days night and yellow submerine. 

We went to the two museums and I liked the second one the most. It had a more interactive feel to it. It also had a 4D show it was very good.  It had alot of teh music in it.

In this photo I'm learning how to play the drums with Ringo. It's not a thing I found I'm good at :)

 I think I'll stick to the euphonem. 

These are the Beatles top 10 songs. My favourite is not there - I can't believe it. I like love me do and hard days night.

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