Monday, December 22, 2014

Pantomimes - Mother Goose at Salisbury

Did you know that Pantos are performed near Christmas?

The characters which are normally in a Panto are a dame (who is a man) a hero and girlfriend and a grumpy man. There is always a fairy and a devil.

A Panto is different to normal theatre because is has a lot of participation with the audience and they yell at things like "Watch out" and "look behind you". It's acted as a normal play but the girls are usually men who have sh*t make up and terrible clothes. It's so obvious that they're men but the play goes on This was fun and is very English.

Today we went to a pantomime called Mother Goose and its based on a story called Mother Goose. It is a fairy tale about a fairy who has to do a good good deed every year. She helps Mother Goose who is poor and sends her a goose that lays golden eggs. But an evil demoness tricks Mother Goose into losing the goose and al her friends. Mother Goose realises beauty is not as important as family and friends. Its ends with a wedding.

My favourite part was when the two men poured glue down each others pants. Its was very funny.

Check some out of you live or are going to England.  I'd rate this one play 8/10.

I'd like to thank Sally who bought the tickets for this for me for Christmas. It was very kind and we loved it.

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