Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cornish pasties

:D yum Cornish pasties. What a Cornish pastie is it's pastry with meat and veg in it and it was awesome I took some photos of it. Did you know that the men went down into the mines and the women made them something called a pastie. The outside was as hard as plaster and in side was meat on one side and dessert on the other. 

They made like this so they could take it down the mines.

This photo is from a shop showing how you make them.

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Margie said...

Do you remember what they were mining for in Cornwall? It was a hard life for the miners and their families and the pasties would have been very welcome. We saw a TV show just the other day about making them and until then I hadn't known about the savoury at one end and the sweet at the other. I'd probably have eaten my pudding before my meat! Your spelling is awesome these days - well done you. Margie xxx