Friday, November 28, 2014

Battle of Bannockburn (my experience)

Today we went to the Battle of Bannockburn and got to go into the 3D experience.
It was amazing. We also got to see the battle on a board that had the map marked out and it had the mountains surfaces and  rises. Then after that we went head to head with the English team in a battle game that we got to play as the Scottish commanders.

The battle game was a computer generated game which was controlled by a game master who told us what our moves looked like. He was very good at describing things.  It was sort of like playing warhammer.

Our job was to beat the English so they can't get to the Castle of Stirling so we could win freedom of the Scots. It was super intense and we won in 1 day instead of wining in 2 days as that's what happens in real life history.

Then we got to go and stand where Robert the Bruce set up camp. We also stood in front of the statute of Robert the Bruce.

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