Friday, November 14, 2014

Geography - The USA

The USA is best known for Hollywood,  Disney, the Grand Canyon and New York City.

The USA is under Canada and on top of Mexico and is in the continuent of the Americas.

The size is 9,857,306 km². It is 2 million km2 bigger than Australia - so its pretty close to the same. 

316.1 million people live there. That is 

They speak English primarily but also speak Spanish, Italian Polish and Chinese. 

In America they have a Presidential system government.

This is there flag it has fifty stars for all fifty states

They use US dollars as their money.
There national animal is a bald eagle.

Famous people from America are Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin.

Abraham Lincoln was a president and he abolished slavery. Benjamin Franklin was he guy who flew the kite in the storm to see if lightning had electicity.

In America they love there pizza and party food like hot dogs, fried anything and subways.

Most people live in big tall apartments. They also live in very big houses.

They have alot of celebrations including Halloween, New Years, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving celebrates when the pilgrims were starving and the indians came and gave them food. Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

If you were a tourist, you would go to The Statue of Liberty in New York, Hollywood, Disneyland in Florida and California, the Grand Cannon, Mount Rushmore where there is a huge carvings into the mountain to remember  to  U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

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