Monday, November 10, 2014

U.S.A Geography Report Draft 1

The USA is best known for Hollywood,  Disney, the Grand Canyon and New York City.

The USA is under Canada and on top of Mexico.

The size is 9,857,306 km². It is 2 million km2 bigger than Australia.

316.1 million people live there. 
They speak English primarily but also speak Spanish, Italian Polish and Chinese. 
In America they have a Presidential system government.
This is there flag it has fifty stars for all fifty states

They use US dollars as their money.
There national animal is a bald eagle.
In America they love there pizza and party food like hot dogs and subways.
Most people live in big tall apartments. They also live in very big homes.


Great first draft - but you still need to answer all the questions.

what about the famous people?  what about the festivals?  What about the important dates?

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