Friday, November 7, 2014

France Geography

France is best known for its wine, cheeses and perfume. It is also known for the revolution in 1788 where they chopped lots of peoples heads off. In 1788, Australia was settled by the British convicts.

France is located in Europe under Belgium and on top of Spain.

France is 640,679 km² big. Compared to Australia - you can fit it into Australia 14 times.

It has 66.03 million people living there.

In France they speak not only French, but 34% speak English, 13% Spanish, 8% German, 2% Italian. 

The government that France has is semi presidential system with a constitutional democracy.

This is the French flag.

In France they use euros as their money.

In France their national animal is a rooster.

In France they have the same shapes roofs as England. It is pointy so the snow doesn't stay on the roof as much. Alot of people live in villages and the houses are very old and small.

The most famous food you eat in France is croissants, frogs legs, snails and crepes.

Famous people from French history are Edith Piaf, Joan of Arc, King Louis V1X and Napoleon.

Napoleon was a self appointed Emperor and Military Leader. He was the most celebrated leader in military because he changed the way the military was trained and operated.

Some important events which happened in France are  Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake in 1431, the French revolution in 1788, the battle of Waterloo in 1815, the first and second world wars were fought alot in France.

As a tourist, you should go to Paris first to see the Eiffel Tower, the Lourve, the Arc de Triumph, St Tropiz and the Palace of Versailles.


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