Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bush rangers

Today we learnt about the Australian Bush Rangers.

There were two main types of Bushrangers. The first ones were convicts who escaped. The second were ones who came after the Goldrush and were often bullied by the police and were pushed into crime.Bushrangers where not always nasty people who stole.

The first Bushranger was called John Black Caesar. He escaped prison and then stole things.

Then the gold rush happens and the Bush Rangers start stealing food, supplies and gold.

Some of my favourite Bushranger tales are Captain Starlight and Ned Kelly.

Captain Starlight is famous because he stole 1000 cattle and drove them ( not driving, but made them walk) from Longreach down to Adelaide.

This is Captain Starlight

Ned Kelly is famous because he was from an Irish family and was pushed into it because the police hated his mother.

Here is Ned Kelly's armour and gun with the boot. This is in Melbourne Goal.

Here is the dates of Ned Kellys life, photo and last words.

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