Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spelling blog post

I am focusing on my spelling and using words I got wrong in my last test in sentences.

Today I'm doing a blog about some spelling that I need to learn.

I had to wait in a queue for 2 hours to get into the limited edishine movie.

The little golden dog fancied the happy boy to play with him.

The toy co tryed to have less packaging for there state of the art toys. 

The ship was approaching the welcoming Fijian dock.

The wreckage was in the middle of the deep, dark, noisy sea.

The rock band did a campaign for a Christmas cild chairyity.

The govoment a money plummoted down and under in a mater of weeks.

How cool should if be if the world had  infinite food and water for the poor people.

The rhythmic pink and yellow feet taped to the fast yet slow song.

The ninjas disappearance scared all the people in the building.

Feedback - Sentences need to start with capital letters. Check your spelling of other words as well. Read out your sentences to see if they make sense when you say them out aloud.  

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