Sunday, September 28, 2014

Eureka Stockade finale post

The Eureka Stockade marks an important event in Australia's history.

Gold began to be mined in Ballarat in 1854. The miners worked in wet and cold conditions.

The miners or as they called themselves, diggers had to pay for a licence. The licences where £6.00 or in our new money approximately $1600 a day even if they didn't find a piece of gold. If they didn't have a licence they would get lashed and put in jail by the troopers. They decided to rebel so they could get fair conditions.

The Eureka Stockade was built on Backer Hill Victoria, Australia. The fight of the stockade was on the 2nd of December 1854 in 3.00am.
They elected peter lawler as there leader.  They had 140 people in the stockade at the time of the fight in including there leaders. But before they where attacked there where roomers about the troppers  coming from the north and south. When the battle was over Peter laylor went into the governments as a politician and fought for the rights of the miners.

The Eureka flag looked like the southern cross with a blue background. It represents the miners and the country.

Eureka Stockade marks the most important political event for Australia as it is the birth of Australian democracy and workers rights. 

This is what's left of the original flag

This is how it would have looked

FEEDBACK - great report Morgan. You have worked hard on including all the important information and explaining the key events and people involved. Watch capital letters for the names or people and place. Remember to read your sentences out loud so you know where a breath is taken and then you can put a comma there!

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