Friday, September 26, 2014

Science - quantum physics (double slit)

Mum introduced us to quantum physics today and we watched a youtube video of Dr Quantum explain some of the main things. We also have a book called "How to teach your dog quantum physics". It looks very interesting because quantum physics explains how everything in the universe works. 

Today I found out what happens in the double slit experiment. 

So if you shoot marbles trough one slit in a board they will go through and hit the target in a line down the middle like this. 

Then if you add anther slit and shot the marbles through it should have two lines on the target it looks like this. 

They then explained what electrons do - they are tiny tiny bits and are better seen if you look at it in water.

Then if you get a pool of water and a slit board and put a ripple in the water it will make waves. The lightest mark is the strongest pulse it will look like this.

Then if you add anothor slit it does something amazing. The two slits generate one ripple each and they cancel out each other. It will look like this.
So if we shot bits of matter or electrons through it does the same as the marbles one line on the board like this
But here it gets weird if there's two slits it acts as waves and we get a pattern like this.
Even weirder is that when they looked at it it went back to being a marble and all becouse they where watching it.

So it makes two bands instead of many.

The weird thing about all of this is the question - why do the electrons go back to two bands ONLY when something is watching it? Is it self aware?

This is what makes quantum physics exciting. its all about the unvierse and how everything works.

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