Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Downe house - Charles Darwin

Today we went to Downe House in Kent. It was the home of Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was a naturist, scientist and an explorer in the 1800s.

He came up with the Theory of Evolution.

He also found out about the theory of Survival of the fittest and Natural Selection

When he was 22 he sailed on the Beagle for 5 years around the world. He collected bugs, tribal people and animals from his visits.   He studied them and drew them on his books. Then he found out what family they came from and categorised all living things.

He published a book called the Origins of the Species. It took him 20 years to publish it because it had alot of things in it which went against Christianity and their beliefs about God and creation. But he still got yelled at and was hated by many people.

This is a painting of him just before he died. We saw the painting in his house.

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