Friday, October 17, 2014

Spain Geography Report

Spain is best known for its bull fighting, a tomato festival where they throw tomatoes at each other and its good food.

Bull fighting is cruel to the bulls. They all die and are killed horribly. Its just for entertainment and its disgusting.

This looks like a sticky situation. This is the tomato festival. Did yo know that in one town they had to stop people coming in when they had 20 000 people throwing tomatoes. 

They grow a special type of tomato for this. They aren't very  nice to eat. I don't like tomatoes anyway.

Spain is on the left side of Portugal and under France and is in Europe.

Spain is 504,645 km² big. It can fit into Australia 16 times.
The population of Spain is 46.25 million .
Other than Spanish they speak Arabic, Romanian, English and Germany to list a few.
In Spain they have a Monarchy government.

The Spanish flag has one stripes of red and yellow.

In Spain they use euros as there currency.

Some of the famous food in Spain are pinchous and paella.
Pinchous are little dishes. We had this alot for lunch on the camino. You buy them in bars.

Paella comes in a big wok.

Famous people in Spain

Tourist spots?

What are houses like?
 and perhaps talk about if you go to Spain I would highly suggest to do the camino....

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