Tuesday, October 28, 2014

France Geography Report Draft 1

France is best known for its wine, cheeses and perfume.

France is located in Europe under Belgium and on top of Spain.

France is 640,679 km² big. 

It has 66.03 million people living in it.

In France they speak not only French but 34% English, 13% Spanish, 8% German, 2% Italian. 

The government that France has is

This is the French flag.

In France they use euros as their money.

In France their national animal is a rooster.

In France they have the same shapes roofs as England. It is pointy so the snow doesn't stay on the roof as much. Alot of people live in villages and the houses are very old and small.

As a tourist, you should go to Paris first to see the Eiffel Tower.


Well done Morgan, I can see you are really trying with your spelling and research.

You've missed a few questions though and I'd like to see some things expanded to explain more. ( food, Festivals, famous people, famous things that have happened there)

Remember - you have been to France a few times, so you can comment on what the food is like and some of the things you can see. What about the Palace of Versailles? 

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