Saturday, October 4, 2014

Poland - Geography Repot Second Draft

This is my Second draft for my report on Poland. 

Did you know that the name Poland comes from the tribe Polanie which means people living in open fields?
Poland is located in Europe, next to Germany on the right side towards the top. 

The Capital City is Warsaw. Poland is 312,679 km² big. They had 38.53 million people in 2013.   Australia has 23 million and is 7 million km² . That means that you could fit Poland into Australia nearly 23 times.

The official language spoken in Poland is Polish.  They also speak Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hindi.

The government is a democracy. Having a democracy means that the people get a chance to vote every 4 years which party will be governing the country and making the laws. 

The flag has a white eagle which is the national animal. The white eagle is from a tale of the Slavic leaders a long time ago who set out to find where their people should live. The Polish people liked the white eagle.

They use the polish złoty. It looks like this. Eventhough Poland is in the E.U, they have their own currency.

There traditional food include  smoked cheese called Oscypek and  white sausage called Biała kiełbasa.

This is a picture of the smoked cheeses.

In Poland they have a festival called Constitution Day. The constitution in 1791 only lasted a year. In November 1918 Poland got its independence, but they still celebrate it. 
If you go to Poland it's suggested to go to the main market square of the city you are in. WHAT FAMOUS CATHEDRALS OR MANSIONS OR CASTLES ARE THERE?


Great improvement Morgan - a few things you have missed out  -

Which famous people came from Poland. List three and then choose one and tell us why they are famous. 
What sorts of houses do they live in and what makes them different to the ones you find in Australia. Why are they different?

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