Tuesday, October 21, 2014

England Geography Report Draft 1

England is know for fish and chips, the Big Ben and it's long history.
England is located aboth Europe.

England is 130,395 km² big. 
53.5 million people live there. 
In egland they speak English. 
In England they have a monarch government.

In England they use pounds as there money.

Englands national animal is a lion.

In England they have bangers and mash, beef cobbler and bubble and squeak.

If you go to England you need to see the Tower of London, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and lego land.


Great first draft Morgan.  Things to watch
Capital letters for proper nouns.
Spell the country correctly.

Questions still to answer
What other languages are spoken here?  percentages?
How does England compare in size to Australia? (how many times would it fit in there?)
what famous people come or came from England?  What are they known for?
What are the houses like? What is the plumbing like?

Your opinion  - Isn't it a bit weird that the emblem is a lion?  There is actually another animal - what its it?  Put in the photo of the emblem.

Pictures of the famous places

Extras I'd like to see:
Explain things alittle more - What are bangers?  What is mash?

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