Friday, October 24, 2014

England - Geography Report

England is know for fish and chips, the Big Ben and it's long history.
England is located above Europe.

England is 130,395 km² big. It go into Australia 58 times. Can you believe this?
53.5 million people live there. WOW. Thats over twice as many people in England.

In England they speak English. 95% of people speak English as thier first language.  Other languages spoken as a first language here is Welsh 1%, Polish .5%, Punjabi .5%,, Hindi .5%, French 23%. Spanish 8%, German 9%.

In England they have a monarch government. This means that there is a Queen, but she is just a head of state and has no power over the rules in the country.

In England they use pounds as their money. England is in the the EU but keeps its own money.

Englands national animal is a lion.
The other national animal is a unicorn.

This is the official emblem.

Some of the famous people from England are King Henry the 8th. He is famous because he chopped off the heads of his wives because the church wouldn't let him divorce them. He became the head of the church in England let let people divorce their wives. He also took all the churches money away from them.

Queen Victoria is famous because she ruled for over 63 years. She was very cranky because she was very sad because her husband Albert die when he was young. Lots of her kids died too.

In England they have bangers and mash, beef cobbler and bubble and squeak.

Bangers are sausages. Bubble and squeek is left over vegetables that are fried up in the morning.

If you go to England you need to see the Tower of London, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and lego land.

There are lost of old houses and mansions and castles to see in England. The gardens are amazing.

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